Welcome to the world of Eve’s Garden where each product Designed is a living work of art.
• Our 40-year-old Nursery has led us to be the leaders in Design, Marketing, and trends in the industry taking some of the oldest living art forms and designing products for today’s world. Eve’s Garden produces living gifts that keeps growing.
• We now have the tools, inspiration, and direction to produce the best products in the plant industry. Each product is carefully crafted and grown on our new 55 acre growing farm just outside Orlando, Florida where we now create hundreds of new designs a year. Because we grow, assemble and decorate our own products it allows us to sell the end product for a much better price with a much higher quality than any other company in our industry.
• We begin with Eve’s Design team which is inspired by team members all over the world. Eve’s staff takes these designs and brings them to reality. Colors and shapes are strategically chosen for each occasion and Holiday to keep up with the trends of the year.
• Our products that we continue to design and create introduce you to the plant strategy method of giving superior quality to increase the average sale. Our Quality, Creativity, and Pricing are the best in the industry.
• We specialize in living products that allow Eve and her team to incorporate these plants into a work of art making a beautiful arrangement that perfectly fits into a home or office.
• We have been selling through Disney, grocery chains, and home improvement stores for over 4 decades which taught us the means of producing quality and uniqueness for the customer to enjoy.
• Come join us in this journey of a living work of art through the knowledge, experience, and beauty of Eve’s Garden’s Creative Living Designs.
• Eve’s Garden designed products exclusively with your customers in mind!
• Bring an Eve’s Garden living work of art into your life and be inspired by the true beauty it creates to your surroundings in your home or office.

Sales Office

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Mailing Address: 19300 County Rd. 33 Groveland, Florida 34736.

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