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Bonsai Accessories

Accessorize your bonsai with tools and statuary to enrich the experience for a bonsai gift recipient.

These classic ceramic figurines allow you to express your creativity and enhance the display of the tree making it unique.

The art of caring for your bonsai by adding a humidity tray, fertilizer, wire shaping and pruning to maintain the artistic grace and beauty is part of the fun!

Bonsai Accessories

 0-99100-499500-4991,000 +  
Bonsai Trimming Clipper #70012$6.65$6.55$6.45$6.35R
Bonsai Training Wire - 3 Size Pack #74061$13.30$13.20$13.10$13.00R
Bonsai Master Fertilizer #72101$7.65$7.55$7.45$7.35R
Humidity Tray with Pebbles 6” X 9” #70033$11.80$11.70$11.60$11.50R
Humidity Tray with Pebbles 8” X 10” #70034$14.30$14.20$14.10$14.00R
Humidity Tray with Pebbles 9” X 12” #70043$17.65$17.55$17.45$17.35R
Rickshaw Figurine #71191$7.65$7.55$7.45$7.35R
Two Scholars Figurine #71112$8.65$8.55$8.45$8.35R
Panda Figurines - Set of 4 #71017$24.65$24.55$24.45$24.35R
Scholars Figurines - Set of 4 #71044$19.65$19.55$19.45$19.35R
Musician Figurines - Set of 7 #71168$25.90$25.80$25.70$25.60R
Building Figurines - Set of 3 Large #71129$21.65$21.55$21.45$21.35R
Building Figurines - Set of 2 Medium #71127$7.65$7.55$7.45$7.35R
Building Figurines - Set of 2 Small #71127$3.65$3.55$3.45$3.35R