Bonsai Trees

The tradition of growing dwarfed trees in trays dates back more than 1,000 years. There is no doubt that it is beneficial for the mind, body and soul. Bonsai in general symbolize harmony, peace, patience, order of thoughts, balance and all that is good in nature. Growing and tending to bonsai trees is a wonderful hobby and a great stress reliever.

The Japanese Juniper is one of the most popular trees for bonsai because of the compact foliage and ability to easily train branches into artistic shapes. We do offer other varieties including species suited for indoors.

Most bonsai do best outdoors on a bright patio or under a shade tree. Water your bonsai to complete saturation daily (foliage and soil). Bonsai will thrive for years with proper care.

Shelf Life
Bonsai will thrive for up to seven days in the box from time of shipment, Just unpack, water and keep in a bright place outdoors.

Bonsai trees ship ground well and are ideal for drop shipping. Junipers are cold hardy but cannot be shipped in extreme freezing temperatures. Due to state agricultural restrictions we cannot ship Japanese Juniper Trees to California. However, we can substitute another variety.


  • Price includes hanging plant care tag.
  • Custom four color tag available for $.42 (R) each. Maximum imprint area for tag is 1.75”W x 1.5”H.
  • Floral wrap gift presentation available for $1.67 (R) each.
  • Laser engraving offered on containers. Set-up: $50.00 (V). Run Charge: $3.00 (R) per unit.

Bonsai Trees

Max Imprint Area 0-99 100-499 500-999 1000+
#10011 Starter Bonsai N/A $10.80 $10.70 $10.60 $10.50 R
#10110 4-inch Container Black, Cream 2.5”W x 1”H $13.30 $13.20 $13.10 $13.00 R
#10111 5-inch Container Black, Cream, Green 3.25”W x 1”H $15.80 $15.70 $15.60 $15.50 R
#10112 6-inch Container Black, Cream, Green 4.25”W x 1.5”H $17.80 $17.70 $17.60 $17.50 R
#10113 8-inch Container Black, Cream 5”W x 1.5”H $26.80 $26.70 $26.60 $26.50 R
#17562 Square Vase 4x4 Black, Red 3"W x 2"H $19.05 $18.95 $18.85 $18.75 R
#17563 Square Vase 5x5 Black, Red 3.75"W x 3.25"H $26.80 $26.70 $26.60 $26.50 R