Lucky Bamboo Arrangements

Lucky Bamboo is perfect for bringing good luck to any event. Ancient traditions believe it to bring health, happiness, love and wealth!

Lucky Bamboo can be kept in low to moderate light and will grow indoors for years with little care. It only requires enough water to keep its roots covered.

Shelf Life
Lucky Bamboo will thrive for up to seven days in the box from time of shipment when stored at room temperature. Just unpack, water and keep in an area with no direct sun.

Lucky Bamboo arrangements shipped ground will have to be assembled by the customer for dropshipping. Lucky Bamboo cannot be shipped with overnight temperatures below freezing.

Photos Shown Below Pricing Table

 Product SizeWeight (lb)Max Imprint Area0 to 99100 to 499500 to 9991000 to 24992500 to 49995000 to 9999
10,000 to 24,999 
25,000 to 50,000
Square Glass 2x2 with 2 Stalks #209222" x 2" x 7.5"0.501.25"W x 1.25"H$8.30$8.20$8.10$8.00$7.92$7.83$7.58$7.33R
Square Glass 3x3 with 3 Stalks #209233" x 3" x 9"
1.251.75"W x 1.75"H$11.59$11.34$11.09$10.84$10.75$10.67$10.42$10.17R
Square Glass 3x3 with 5 Stalks #212603" x 3" x 9"
1.51.75"W x 1.75"H$12.42$12.17$11.92$11.67$11.59$11.50$11.09$10.84R
Square Vase 3x3 with 3 Stalks #215213" x 3" x 10"1.252"W x 2"H$11.59$11.34$11.09$10.84$10.75$10.67$10.42$10.17R
Square Vase 3x3 with 5 Stalks #215313" x 3" x 10"1.52"W x 2"H$12.42$12.17$11.92$11.67$11.59$11.50$10.42$10.17R
Woodgrain Elegant Ceramic Vase 5 Stalks with Spiral #226323" x 3" x 14"1.752"W x 1.25"H$14.45$14.35$14.25$14.15$14.07$13.98$13.73$13.48R
Woodgrain Elegant Ceramic Vase with 5 Stalks #226313" x 3" x 14"1.752"W x 1.25"H$13.09$12.92$12.75$12.50$12.42$12.33$12.08$11.83R
Woodgrain Ceramic Rectangle Vase 5 Stalks with Spiral #203324" x 2" x 14"1.53.25"W x 2.25"H$14.45$14.35$14.25$14.15$14.07$13.98$13.73$13.48R
Woodgrain Ceramic Rectangle Vase with 5 Stalks #203314" x 2" x 14"1.53.25"W x 2.25"H$12.80$12.70$12.60$12.50$12.42$12.33$12.08$11.83R
Woodgrain Square Ceramic Vase with 5 Stalks #20521 3" x 3" x 10"
1.52"W x 2"H$12.42$12.17$11.92$11.67$11.59$11.50$11.25$11.00R


  • Price includes hanging plant care tag.
  • Custom four color tag available for $0.84 (R) each. Maximum imprint area for tag 1.75”W x 1.5”H or 0.75”W x 1.75”H.
  • Laser engraving is offered on containers. Set-up: $93.75 (V). Run Charge: $3.75 (R) per unit.  Multiple sides may be engraved at cost of an additional run charge.
  • Gift bags or floral wrap gift presentation available for $2.92 (R) each. Gift bag includes crinkle paper.
  • Seasonal or Custom Trinket available for $1.68 (R) each.
  • The minimum order is $300 in net product.
  • Our production time is generally 7 – 10 Business days from the date of artwork approval. Production time may vary based on workload. 
  • Samples are sent out at the net cost plus a $5.00 box charge. We can use a third party shipper account or add the shipping to the invoice.


Seasonal or Custom Trinket available for $1.68 (R) when added to arrangements.