Holiday & Party Favors

We offer a wide variety of unique and classy party favors for grown-ups. Our party favors are made to order for weddings, bridal and baby showers, birthdays and celebrations. They double as decorations and are the perfect personalized gift to impress guests on that special day.

Succulents, Cacti and Air Plants do best in bright but indirect sunlight. Water thoroughly once a week. Allow to dry out completely before watering again. Air Plants should be given enough light and air circulation to dry in no longer than four hours after watering.

Shelf Life
Succulents, Cacti and Air Plants will thrive for up to seven days in the box from time of shipment when stored at room temperature. Just unpack, water and keep in an area with bright filtered sunlight.

Air Plants are recommended for shipping ground and drop shipping. Succulents and air plants cannot be shipped with overnight temperatures below freezing.

Photos Shown Below Pricing Table

 Weight (lb)0 to 99100 to 499500 to 9991000 to 24992500 to 5000 
2x2 White or Gray Vase with Air Plant or Succulent #651690.25$8.09$7.92$7.75$7.50$7.42R
Round Ceramic with Air Plant #195260.25$8.09$7.92$7.75$7.50$7.42R
Round Ceramic with 2 Lucky Bamboo Stalks #229020.50$8.09$7.92$7.75$7.50$7.42R
Geodesic Ball Vase with Air Plants or Succulent #196491.0$11.42$11.25$11.09$10.84$10.75R
Woodgrain Round Vase with Air Plants & Succulent #196020.75$11.42$11.25$11.09$10.84$10.75R
Woodgrain Round Vase with Lucky Bamboo #205111.25$11.42$11.25$11.09$10.84$10.75R
Woodgrain Round Vase with Bonsai Tree #177061.0$12.25$12.09$11.92$11.67$11.59R
Promo Vase with Air Plants & Succulent #651701.0$11.42$11.25$11.09$10.84$10.75R
Snowman with Air Plant #653910.35$8.09$7.92$7.75$7.50$7.42R
Sugar Skull with Air Plant #196470.25$8.92$8.75$8.59$8.34$8.25R
Cowboy Boot with Air Plant #652070.25$8.92$8.75$8.59$8.34$8.25R
Penguin Unicorn with Air Plant #653600.35$8.09$7.92$7.75$7.50$7.42

Reindeer Vase with Air Plant #195620.35$9.75$9.59$9.42$9.17$9.09R
Flute Vase with Lucky Bamboo #266012.25$12.67$12.50$12.34$12.09$12.00R
Flute Vase with Air Plants or Succulent #653081.25$12.67$12.50$12.34$12.09$12.00R
Driftwood Garden with Air Plants #194840.5$15.59$15.42$15.25$15.00$14.92R


  • The party favor containers cannot be engraved.
  • Custom four color tag available for $.75 (R) each. Maximum imprint area for tag is 1.75”W x 1.5”H or 0.75”W x 1.75”H.
  • Gift bags available for $2.92 (R) each. Gift bag includes crinkle paper.
  • Seasonal or Custom Trinket available for $1.68 (R) each.
  • The minimum order is $200 in net product.
  • Our production time is generally 7 – 10 Business days from the date of artwork approval. Production time may vary based on workload. 
  • Samples are sent out at the net cost plus a $5.00 box charge. We can use a third party shipper account or add the shipping to the invoice.


Seasonal or Custom Trinket available for $1.68 (R) when added to arrangements.