Shipping & Payment Information


If paying by Credit Card, an Authorization Form must be filled out then emailed or faxed to our promotional representative, download this form here.

  • Packaging Charge

Net price for drop ship starts at $10.00  for containers up to 5″$12.50 for 6″ Containers, & $15.00 for Containers; price per recipient. Larger sizes are available upon request. Price includes packaging and handling.

  • Shipping Charge

We can use the client’s shipper account for the actual shipping cost. Plants are shipped on Monday and Tuesdays. Any destination with over a four days transit time would need to be expedited so the arrangement would arrive by the end of day on Friday. It is best for plants not to sit with the carrier over the weekend. 

  • Be aware of an additional charge for LTL/Truckline shipping to residential addresses. Our preferred shipping method for plants is with an LTL carrier like Fed Ex Freight.

The finished arrangements are placed in strong shipping boxes with cardboard partitions. The boxes are secured on a pallet, so the arrangements do not need to be individually packaged. Packaging and handling per box is $5.00 when shipping LTL. Additionally, the receiver needs access to a loading dock or forklift to get the pallet off the truck. A lift-gate can be requested for an additional fee of the truckline but it may delay delivery.

  • Most products can be shipped Fed Ex Ground or Express if necessary. 

When shipping ground or express each arrangement must be wrapped in protective wrapping. Packaging and handling fees are based on the size.

The cost starts at $2.25 per piece for small items (2″x2″ & 3″x3″), $3.25 per piece for medium sized products (4″x4″x4″ & 3″x5″) and up to $4.50 for large trees (5″x5″x5″ & 6″x8″). If you are reshipping our products, we offer the individual protective wrapping for a charge, even if shipping LTL.

The shelf life for plants in the closed wrapping is from seven to ten days, after that they need some light. If shipping LTL we can leave the tops open on the individual plants to give you more time for fulfillment. The outer shipping box can be opened to give the plants light but it would need to be taped closed before reshipping. 

If the overnight temperature is below 40 degrees, heat packs may be provided for $2.00 per unit. If the temperature is below freezing we do not recommend shipping plants, if it is necessary, we do not guarantee damage to plants, even with heat packs.

5" Bonsai Tree in Dropship Packaging


3" x 3" Square Glass in Dropship Packaging

#19466 (11.5"H X 5.5"W)