"Thank you so much! Its was such a pleasure working with you, we appreciate your care on this project and hope to work with you again soon."
Family Industries
- Phill & Adam
"You are great!!! I very much appreciate how easy and accommodating your company has been. This is our first time working with you and i will certainly rate you A+ on Sage."
Great Impact Inc
- Rose Ann
"Staff started receiving plants yesterday and i just got mine today. They are great and folks have been reaching out to their local HR team members to express thanks. I would definitely recommend them to clients and we'll likely go this route again."
American Solutions for Business
" I wanted to convey to you that I've heard nothing but great things about you and Eve's Garden. I was sent pictures of a recent project and it looked great! Just as important (from my perspective) is how a company operates in terms of responding, respecting, being true to their word and being an overall reliable partner. It sure sounds like your team got an A+ in all areas!"
Ideal Incentive Inc
- Brad Gooch (CEO)
"Thank you for all your help with this order! You've made the process effortless, and i'm excited for my client to receive lots of compliments from all the recipients of the succulents (in advance of their virtual meeting)."
Concord Marketing Solutions
- Elizabeth
"Wow. Beautiful. Gorgeous. OMG... I Love! We need to sell more of this. Thank you so much. Far exceeded expectations. Really appreciate the swift execution. Our client is thrilled."
Onyx Worldwide
- Morgan
Thanks for going the extra mile. You are awesome!
Earthsong Books & Gifts
- Linda
Thank you very much. I am very excited to get the plant next week, and appreciate the care you put into it by waiting to send.
- David Petr (Founder)